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Thank God it's over! Thank God I can finally focus on life again. Thank God I don't have to face the pains and memories of holidays past for a whole year more. It's over and I'm still alive! Yippee. I'll be Okay now. I'll only worry about day to day problems. I'll only worry about getting better now. But I don't have to worry about the fact that I hate the holidays, no not until next year. Will I be ready for next year? I hope so, because I can't go through this for another year. Stupid holidays

just mary

I so agree. As I get older and particularly the last few years, I find Christmas harder and harder to tolerate. And I'm always so glad when it's done. But then, it never turns out to be as bad as I thought it was going to be. I just wish we could get rid of the gift giving part, if we could just have a nice, friendly meal together, that would suit me fine.

But your right, yippee!!! It's done and I can focus on other things once again. And the days are going to get longer too, i.e. more sunshine less darkness.

Take care.
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