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I am mainly OCD and I am tempted to tell people my diagnosis OCD, PTSD, and bipolar II(there I go again). I am especially curious about other's mental disabiliities so I can compare notes! How do I get over this compulsion?

How far is too far with confessing? I don't do it to total strangers, but people used to really discriminate against me for admitting a mental illness, period. I know it's none of anyone else's business, but the urge is too strong! Got any ways to curb this?

Miss ex-clean
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I understand where you're coming from. For me, it's because when I was a child and teenager, noone really noticed me or understood that I was ill and needed help.
The thing is, there was a time fairly recently where I told people indiscriminately, whenever I felt stigmatised or ridiculed. And that didn't help. That kind of curbed things for me.


Usually those who have mental illness too can understand your feelings. :dimples: Instead of those and psychologies, better not.. :/

Daniel E.
Another issue is that OCD is less commonly discussed in the media than, say, depression.
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