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Tips for Good Sleep

To conclude, I will present just a few tips on how to get a good night's sleep. These are especially important during a depression, but again, they also apply to anyone.

* No activities before going to sleep

You must avoid at all cost any adrenaline coming into your system before sleep time. Be especially careful of anything exciting or stressful. Yes, this includes most of television and even reading! Avoid also any physical exercise before going to sleep. Always have in mind that a person with a depression will need longer than normal for the body to recover from any physical effort. Even healthy individuals should avoid doing sports at least a couple of hours before going to bed.

* Follow a steady sleep routine

Try going to bed always at the same time everyday. We all know how working in shifts and jet-lag affect sleep: do not emulate them by going to bed at random times each day!

* Give your body time to crash down

You cannot fall asleep while there is too much adrenaline running through your veins. It can take a while (even hours) before you crash down, and often people lie awake in bed waiting for sleep to come. The problem is that after a while it is very easy to start obsessing about not sleeping, which is a sure way of keeping yourself awake.

The idea is to only get ready for sleep once you have crashed down and feel tired. Before you actually get into bed, just lie there for a while (even with your clothes on), until you feel rested and tired.

* Go to bed early

There are several reasons why this is a good practise: foremost to be able to wake naturally rather than with an alarm clock; but also to avoid being out of synch with the solar cycle, and to give your body time to crash down.

* Make your bedroom your sanctuary

Do not have an office in the same room as where you sleep. Dedicate one room simply for sleeping, and make it as uncluttered as possible.


another good find, well done Phoenix. now if i could only put it into practice.. lol

especially this part: * Go to bed early.. for me that's an impossibility. I'd miss allme friends on here. but that's just me.


actually they do try.. lol... but i like being on here at the same time.. and with the time diff between us... well it's 5hrs for most, of which i'm ahead.
by the way some of those tips used to work for me a long time ago, but not now, i so hope to be able to implement them in time to come.

so i wil be coming back to this thread when the time comes and i'm off some of themeds.

thanks again phoenix.


I like the one about going to bed early. I started doing that a few months ago, and stopped setting an alarm clock. What a difference! I now get up when my body has decided it's had enough sleep, and not because an annoying buzzing is happening in my ear! It's also regulated my sleep pretty much on it's own - I know I have to go to bed early because I know that no matter what, I'll be up at 6:30am. If I know I won't be able to fall asleep, I take a sleeping pill and read a book. Most times I'm out pretty quick.

Last night I wanted to go for a run on my treadmill, but it was already 8pm and I knew I wanted to be in bed by 9, so I abandoned the thought, cause I knew I'd be up all night then....

Those tips do work - but sometimes it's hard for those of us with depression to be able to follow them.
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