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One of our moderators, TSOW (Steve) was recently honored for his work on another forum, the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada Forum.

Congratulations to Steve and Janet

The TSFC Forum has been very fortunate to have two active and dedicated volunteers who have acted as Forum administrators. Both Steve and Janet were recognized for their work on the TSFC Forum at the recent conference in Edmonton and were jointly awarded the Maureen Cavanaugh Public Awareness Volunteer Award.

Steve and Janet's tireless efforts in setting up the Forum, recruiting volunteer moderators, and keeping the information available on the board up to date and topical has resulted in this Forum being a major source of information and support for people dealing with TS in Canada and around the world.

Congratulations Steve and Janet and a BIG thank-you for all your work.

Excellent work! Congratulations to both of you!


Awesome work, TSOW! Congratulations to you, and to Janet, for receiving deserved recognition of a job well done! :yahoo:


Congratulations TSOW (Steve) to both you and Janet on a job well done and for giving of yourself both on the Tourette Forum as well as on this one.

Awesome !!! :D



Thank you my friends and to David for mentioning the award. It was a surprise and a real thrill to me. We have a great team of volunteers who make the TSFC the vital organization it is in creating awareness of Tourette Syndrome.

The TSFC Forum can now extend that service to a much broader audience via the internet.

The TSFC Forum owes a debt of gratitude to Dr. David Baxter who has helped us during some recent forum software upgrades so our members could benefit from better forum software.

It has been a team effort, and I am proud to be a part of it.

Attached is a photo of the beautiful plaque Janet and I received.

Warm regards,


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