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Do you think that being a veggan is better for you? ?Im trying not to eat red meat, pastas, and more veggies and fruits, chicken and fish? I just can't find any good recipy's? :study:

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I'm sure vegans will debate the point but the reality is that many (most) people have difficulty getting adequate amounts of essential nutrients from a vegan diet (plant products only, no dairy, eggs of fish). If you want to do this, I would strongly recommend that you see a nutritionist for advice first. I have seen a number of vegans wind up with serious vitamin and mineral deficiencies (e.g., iron), and remember that such deficiencies have a huge effect on your mood, emotional reactions, and cognitive processes as well as your physical health.


Eating vegan is have to go way out of your way to be careful as many foods you would never guess contained animals products do have them.? You could try looking at animal rights websites for recipes.? There are also a lot of pre-made meat/egg/dairy substitutes.?
There are some recipes here Page not found - Farm Sanctuary

I think if you can do it more power to you.? I also think that you can access a lot of health information about it on the internet.? I agree that you have to be careful though.


You said that you're avoiding pasta, but how about other sources of carbs? If you're going to try a vegan lifestyle, there are tons of sources out there to give you ideas. But, you should be eating whole grains. I tried the no carb thing for a while, but I ended up becoming constipated. Now, I don't know if that was the exact reason why, but basically I started working out and I increased my protein intake by a lot. I'm also a vegetarian, but usually I would eat a very little bit of tofu with a meal, egg whites or soy beans (I'm not vegan). I started increasing my protein (tofu, peanuts, milk, etc) by a lot but I wasn't eating any rice, grains, etc. I found that when I added more carbs to my diet I didn't have the same problem again and I was much more satisfied.
I don't eat oatmeal in Korea, but things like oatmeal, barley, brown rice, bread and noodles I think are important. I found the ABS diet had a lot of really good ideas. It's not a vegetarian diet, however you can get some good ideas from it about the kinds of foods that give you energy. As far as being healthy goes, how do you feel now? Do you feel good when you eat chicken and fish? There's nothing wrong with experimenting with different diets, but I've found that you just have to find what suits you best.
I was curious if it was good for you. Iam experimenting right now. eating lots of veggies and fruits and chicken, dairy and i hate fish but im going to make myself eat it anyway. I call this my f you crash diet. haha. just a joke.

How about soy whats up with that. Ill eat soy nuts thoughs are good. or is soy not a really good thing?


To be honest, my brother is a chiropractor and he's dead against soy. I have read some things that say it's not good for you. It sounded scary actually. In Korea, I find I can't avoid it much. They have wonderful soy bean soup and soy bean sauce. I used to hate tofu in Canada, but it's really good here. You can buy it warm and still fresh. I'm going to try to find an article for you about soy being harmful.


I found this site.? It has a few articles in it.? However, it's only from 1 point of view, that soy is not so good for you.? I haven't read it through, but I thought it might be of some interest to you.

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this is a really good article by the FDA examining the controversy over soy foods (it is from 2000 though)...

Soy: Health Claims for Soy Protein, Questions About Other Components

in terms of the vegan diet versus vegetarian etc. I think before making any drastic dietary changes you should consult w/ your doctor and/or a nutritionist... even if you think that your're following a vegetarian diet, there are many different subtypes and many people won't know enough to properly include all nutrients... you can't just cut out meats and then think it's vegetarian and therefore healthy- your body still has the same dietary needs than before, and there are different ways of getting there, but you need to do some research 1st...
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