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Im just in college but im wondering if im doing the right subjects. I want to be a psychologist or psychiatrist (to be honest i dont know the difference) perticully interested in child care. So i was wondering if i could talk to a psychologist and ask how they got where they are. What they think the best route is to go. If i need any other qualifications apart from psychology. That sort of thing. So if you can help please!!! Ive looked at websites but they give different information and its soooo confusing! Thanks for reading!

Lots of love! xXXx
Want to be a psychologist but need advice.

Hi Student,

The difference between psychologists and psychiatrists is that psychiatrists are medical doctors who receive training in psychiatry. Psychiatrists prescribe medications; however, there are some states where medical psychologists can prescribe here in the US.

I recommend that you receive a Bachelor's degree in psychology. You might work or volunteer with an agency that handles children's mental health care. Then I would get a doctorate in clinical psychology with your emphasis in child psychology. There are so many different avenues one can follow to obtain an education in psychology in terms of dealing with children. It typically takes between 8 to 9 years to finish all of the educational requirements. Good Luck!


Want to be a psychologist but need advice.

hey! I would suggest checking out sites from univesities, colleges that offer undergrad and graduate degrees to get an idea of what the field is like and what their requirements are. You can also go to the APA website (or CPA for CA, etc.). Requirements do differ from place to place, but as Bill said the basics are a BA and then on to grad school.... you could specialize as a Child Psychologist if you wish or Psychiatrist but there's also other people that work in the (mental health) field and with children, such as social workers, pediatric nurses, occupational therapists w/ a spec. w/ children, (school) counsellors, child care workers etc.... again, there's many avenues... Grades matter a lot, many universities also require certain tests for entrance into Grad school but the best you can do right now is find out what really interests you and why and see how you can get there in the way that suits you the most- start w/ getting some experience around children, it'll allow you to see if you could picture yourself working in that kind of environment.

you could take a look at these too (google: psychology careers)

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