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Six months of weight loss maintenance
By Laura Freberg
Sat, Feb 9 2008

Okay, this is a first. I am an intrepid dieter, and have probably lost the same weight many times, only to gain it back again. Sometimes that happened quickly, and other times it took several years, but it always came back. This time, I?ve stayed under my goal weight for six months straight. I was going to post my weight chart, but Jenny Craig updated their website and the data disappeared. I guess you?ll have to take my word for it.

What I was missing before was a good maintenance strategy. Without that, one simply starts eating the same way that caused trouble in the first place. So here?s what we have found that works:

  1. Weigh yourself every day in the same clothes at the same time?no excuses, no cheating, no bouncing on the scale.
  2. Set a comfortable window?mine is 3 lbs. above where I really want to be. If I hit that top number, then I start eating strictly (Jenny style) THAT SAME DAY, and I don?t stop until I?m back under the number again. No exceptions.
  3. Choose your ?treats? wisely. Do you really enjoy that fast food hamburger? Or would you rather ?cheat? on something that is really, really worth it? Maybe a truly great piece of chocolate instead?
  4. If you?re planning to indulge, do so at noon, not at dinner. It doesn?t stick as much.
  5. Give ALL of your ?fat clothes? to Goodwill. No exceptions.
  6. Enjoy all the time you have that you used to spend worrying about your weight.
Oddly enough, I?ve had more problems with going UNDER my window than going over. I get busy at work or more active, and suddenly find that I don?t weigh enough. Oh darn?then I have to eat something to gain weight. This I know how to do. The most effective item in Mr. F?s arsenal for weight gain is his mexican lasagna, although the catfish and hush puppies from Huck Finn?s run a close second.

So to all of you successful dieters getting closer to your goals, it?s time to plan ahead for maintenance. It?s a lot easier to maintain than to lose (you get to eat a surprisingly larger amount of food), but it still requires some attention.
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