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Oct 28, 2004
i have been on welbutrin for over a year now, and its has made a huge difference with me. I was diagnosed with severe clinical depression, and welbutrin has changed my life mostly for the better, but there are side effects unfortunatly.

+ i am now happier and not suicidal

- i am pretty numb to emotions, i dont experience bouts of joy anymore, but neither do i experience deep depression or sadness.

- sometimes i am a little too assertive. i can become an asshole sometimes, but its usualy because i want to be, yet i dont realy care all that much.

- im partial to most things, meaning, the outcome of most experiences dont seem to affect my mood one way or the other.

- the worst negative side effect is my lack of creativity. i am a musician and an avid photographer. i no longer have deep introspective thoughts or vivid images in my head. When i was not on anti depressants i was very depressed, but , i always had conceptual pieces running through my brain, photography wise and musically.

does any body else notice any of these negative side effects?

im thinking about switching to lexaporo.


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Aug 5, 2004
i no longer have deep introspective thoughts or vivid images in my head.
Maybe it's because you are simply not as depressed as you used to be? Depression is obviously linked to creativity.

im thinking about switching to lexaporo.
Or just add Lexapro. Taking two antidepressants can often be more helpful.

Since it's been almost a month since you wrote your orininal post, has anything changed since then?

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