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What causes hallucinations?
by Elizabeth Cox
Jun 26, 2018

A condition called Charles Bonnet Syndrome can cause blind patients to hallucinate scenes in vivid color. fMRI studies show that these hallucinations activate the same brain area as sight — which is a completely different region from imagination. Other hallucinations also involve the same brain areas as real sensory experiences. What's going on? Elizabeth Cox details the science of hallucinations.

It is good to know the name for this disorder My mother went blind in her 70s and she started to hallucinate children playing outside a memory i guess she had. With a low dose of psychiatric meds the hallucinations stopped After years on meds we tried to stop them see if the hallucinations would come back or not. They came back so doctor put her back on meds again. Same with hearing she often has the auditory music playing when it is not. It is interesting how the mind works. i am going to write down this name Charles Bonnet syndrome . Thanks for the interesting post.
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