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I've been taking some medicine as per the direction of my doc for over a year and a half now.( I don?t want to name the pills as it worked initially ). At first it kind of worked, it cleared the horrible "black cloud" from my head (I always call it a "black cloud" when people ask!), made it easier for me to think. But it didn't make me happier or anything, I know that's for me to work on over time, I've been taking the pills for so long now and my life has come full circle, I feel almost as bad now as I did when starting them! What do you take and is it working for you, do you notice a difference?

David Baxter PhD

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What works for someone else may not work for you. For one thing, another person may not have the same mix of symptoms as you. For another, it's very difficult to predict how an individual will respond to psychotropic medication - what does nothing or creates side-effects for one person may be the miracle drug for someone else.

The phenomenon where a medication works for a while and then seems less effective is not actually all that uncommon. Generally, switching to another medication or adding in a second medication is the remedy.

If you are not responding to a medication or having side-effects with a medication, often knowing any side-effects will help your doctor select an alternative.
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