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    Donna Satchell, posted by littlerabbit


Aug 8, 2017
I watched this movie tonight. I was touched.

It's based on a true story. Helena Bonham Carter and Hillary Swank play the roles modestly and humbly yet at the same time there is brilliance in their modest and humble roles. I was touched. Maybe becuase I'm biased and outraged at the way mentally ill patients are treated by our society, and especially many mental care facilities. I love the way they bring forth the message that having a mental disability or illness does not mean you are unable to think intelligently. Sur It's hollywoodized as usual but yet contrary to most hollywood "based on true stories" it stays humble and true to the core of the 2 simple yet outstanding women that they portray and what those women accomplished legally to protect the rights of patients. I'll leave it at that. I give it a must watch.

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