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I've had a aweful two days of trying to rescue a sick wild bird of a ledge outside my window (I'm 3 floors up) you can't get onto the ledge and can only lean so far out of my window. I've today got the RSPCA rescue out, they too had problems and as the inspector was just trying to get a net over the birdie when the bird fell, we both rushed down expecting him to be on the front but couldnt find him anywhere, theyve looked in the garden/road but nothing,they said they couldnt do anymore unless he comes back or I find him, so I knocked the neighbours doors either side of me the one was great and said she go and have a look and keep a eye out, but the other said he wouldnt waste his time looking for vermin!! (the birdie is a feral pigeon) I'm so upset and angry now, both because I cant find the birdie to help him, and at my neighbours response, how can you be so heartless to another living creature? I felt like having a go at him, but walked away, now Im sitting here wondering whether I should have said something. If you say things in situations like that it sometimes causes more trouble and if you dont you have to deal with the anger your left with, which is what I'm doing now,, did I do right walking away or should I have had ago about his lack of compassion?
Good news, Ive found the sick bird and hes now in the RSPCA animal hospital, whilst I was out on the front of the property looking for the bird the neighbour made a remark at me, a not so nice one, so I made a certain gesture back at him and I felt better for doing that!! At least the bird is safe and I can get on with the rest of my day now...

I am glad you got the bird to the animal hospital. Although your anger was a likely reaction to the person (and his bad behavior), walking away from people like him is the best reaction. I knew this guy who had a supervisor who did not know much about the work being completed. The guy was so angry at the supervisor as he told me that he was going to quit. I asked the guy, "What do you hope to teach this supervisor by quitting?" I explained that ignorant people like his supervisor were best ignored as long as possible. Anger can seem to help us feel empowered, however, we might not always enjoy the consequences. Your neighbor likely remains oblivious to the situation. Take care,
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