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Can someone please reccomend a professional that I can speak with and/or group to help me deal with some of the addictions and mental issues I've been having? As I've explained in previous postings, I am a chronic drug user who's at the end of the line. I'm also some pretty serious depression/anxiety issues.

If you know a therapist or group that is good and relatively close to west-end Ottawa, that would be great. Also, I need a free service since I am financially strained... there's gotta be some government funded organizations, right?

David Baxter PhD

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Check out NA and Serenity House/Serenity Renewal:

Narcotics Anonymous Ottawa Area - NA Ottawa
Narcotics Anonymous provides support and services and carries the message to the addict who still suffers.

Serenity House
Serenity House is a 15 bed intensive residential substance abuse treatment program serving the male population of Ontario, Canada. At Serenity House our primary purpose is:
  • To enhance the clients' ability to live without dependence on alcohol and drugs
  • To encourage clients to develop self esteem thereby gaining personal freedom
  • To increase the clients' accountability
  • To improve clients' ability to establish strong community supports
Our Program consists of treatment planning, educational sessions, relapse prevention, group and individual counselling, harm reduction, life skills training, discharge planning, community education and awareness, and continuing care counselling. We are funded by the Ministry of Health for most of our expenses; the remainder is obtained through a variety of fundraising activities, Annual Golf Tournament, supportive donors and Corporate Sponsorship.

Serenity Renewal
Programs for individuals and families; sliding fee scale.
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