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About twom months ago i stoped cutting myself nd was farely proud until just recntly i couldn't take it anymore and lost control I could not stop the pain and the only way I could was by cutty myself and the again I lost control and ended up with a couple cuts that are probably going to stay marked there with the other 40 on my body but I want to stop i just need to find something to help me ... I tried writting .... and it just doesn't work i don't know what to do anymore


why again

Hey Ashley Kate, You have done really well for the two months, i know what its like to slip up. Have you tried things like holding or putting you hands in ice, running on the spot, letting it out on other objects?
Im sorry if im not much help with this, i just know distractions and alternatives are helpful when wrting things down doesnt work.
Im here if you want to talk
cin x
why again

Not cutting for two months is really excellent and you should be proud of yourself...remember that just because you slipped up does NOT mean that you have was just a difficult time and you made a mistake...everyone makes far as what you can do as a distraction...writing doesn't work for me either BUT talking in to a tape recorder about whatever comes into my mind does help a lot...this is also something that if you feel comfortable can take w/ you to your therapists at your sessions and have him/her listen to what was exactly going through your mind when you had the urge to cut...i hope that you are doing better....kels :)
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