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I try again and again to sit down with my mom...she starts talking and I start squirming and then I just leave. Why is this? DO I have something against my mom? Is it simple selfishness? Does she simply bore me? I want to love her and be a good daughter and listen to her and talk to her and yet when she talks to me or when I am around her all I want is to get away...................why????


Could it be that the age difference between you and your mom might be so great that your mom's interests and yours are no longer common?

As people get older, their focus often shifts to their aches and pains which tend to dominate the conversation. That can be boring for a young vibrant person.

Is your mom lucid, or does she have difficulty with her memory?

You may be surprised that your mom may be happy to just have you visit her, spend some time together, let her talk about her concerns and problems...and you could just be a supportive daughter by validating her concerns. That may Be all she needs from you at this time.

Is the atmosphere between you cordial and respectful of one another or do you find yourself frequently disagreeing and arguing?
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