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I am just wondering if you are going to be taking the vaccine. I have elderly friends and family members that are not taking the vaccine. I also have young family members who are not going to take. Me personally I don't know.
I will be. My demographic won't get it until sometime between mid year and September, and I expect it to be the AstraZeneca vaccine unless something changes between now and then.
As far as I know, my immediate family also plan to get it.

Yes, and even the two people I know who were initially against it have gotten it already (my in laws who are in their 70s got their first dose today).

And the healthcare workers I have seen recently have all gotten it -- my therapist, my dentist, and a vet.

David Baxter PhD

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Definitely. I have certain health conditions that mean I won't likely be able to get it until April but I will certainly get it as soon as it is available to me.
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