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I would know better by now!!...:( There is a sheltie forum that I lurk on and today I made an attempt to post a message...Alot of people were on and talking away, so I thought ok Jody, stick your foot in the water...

I was completely ignored so I asked if it was ok to join in...Again, I was ignored...

Which ultimately ended up with me going back into my childhood where I was bullied, beatened and ignored by not only school kids but my family...So what do I do????...I chose to beat on me too by bingeing!...Makes a whole lot of sense...NOT!!...:eek:

I don't understand why i pick people to try and be friends with that belong to a clique...(I think that's the word)...But I did leave w/o acting out towards them and making a total butt out of myself...I did want to lash out at them tho...

Will I ever stop being so childish??...RIMH

Im sorry to hear you had this happen, you did well to walk away without saying anything,, Ive been on the net and chat forums for years and lost count of how many times Ive said hello or posted and been ignored, it used to upset me and trigger off stuff but now I dont let it bother me, its just not worth it, sometimes people dont genuinely see your post, specially if the board is busy and ticks over fast, but other times people are just clique and ignore you, they are not worth the time of day. One of the worst things I had happen was on a forum where I thought I had made some friends, I hadnt been on for a while for one reason or another and one christmas I went back and sent out 8 private messages wishing people happy christmas only one replied, that really hurt, i think they thought because I hadnt been on for a while that I wasnt part of their "group" anymore, anyway I left and have never been back, i understand it does make you want to lash out at them but its not worth it in the end,, sorry to ramble on!!! you take care now :hug: :hug:

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One of the things about the net is that for any type of forum you can imagine there are several choices.

If you get the cold shoulder or even just don't feel right at any one of them, my advice is to find one that is friendlier or otherwise more to your liking.

Their loss, really... not yours. :)
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