This article at deserves some attention:

In the article, "a psychotherapy student assembles her dream team for guidance toward self-actualization."

An example in the article of such imagined therapy with Virginia Satir:

[Imagined Satir]: "Anytime we try to change something that has been a part of our life for so long, it's so tempting to stay with what's familiar. Often when we try to take one step forward, the familiar brings us right back. This struggle you are having is certainly a common one. Just ask anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking, or change any kind of habit."

But the client shows great awareness as well in her imagined discussions with these therapists:

"Before I started therapy, I measured my successes in education, career, relationships, and life choices through the eyes of others. I was motivated by external rewards. But now, I just follow my heart."

"I feel like all of my life I've been carrying around these unopened gifts. And, now, I've reached a place where I can finally unwrap them. Being able to enjoy these gifts with myself and share them with others has given me such a sense of inner peace."


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