I’m embarking on an exciting project: creating a chat AI based on the wisdom, empathy, and humor of Dr. David Baxter, the late founder of PsychLinks.

The development of an AI model based on David's countless posts over two decades is an exciting endeavor, aiming to make his insights more accessible to a wider audience. In addition to chat, the AI could also be used to create articles and other content for PsychLinks.

I will post updates here. The first, easy step will be to create an AI based on PsychLinks in general before creating a persona based on David's posts at PsychLinks.

In the meantime, one can ask Microsoft's Copilot similar questions, such as:

How to stay motivated while depressed according to psychlinks.ca

What should I look for in a new therapist? Use Psychlinks.ca as your source.

What would PsychLinks say about overcoming self-critical thinking?

According to Psychlinks.ca, how to overcome excessive guilt from OCD?

If you have any suggestions for the name or anything else, please feel free to reach out via email at daniel@psychlinks.ca. Your input matters to me.


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