From an interview with Michael Eigen in Dialogues with Michael Eigen: Psyche Singing:


Below is ChatGPT's generated summary of the book, in the first person:

"I would suggest that when we think about the psyche singing, we are thinking about how the soul expresses itself in a fundamental way. We might think about the psyche singing in terms of the way that we speak, but we might also think about it in terms of our innermost being, our deepest desires and longings, and the way that we connect with others and with the world around us. When we sing, we are tapping into something primal and universal, something that connects us to the earth and to the heavens. We are expressing ourselves in a way that goes beyond words, beyond thought, beyond the limitations of our everyday selves.

But of course, the psyche singing is not always beautiful or harmonious. Sometimes it is dissonant, discordant, painful. Sometimes it is filled with rage or grief or terror. And yet, even in these moments of darkness and despair, there is still a kind of singing going on. The psyche is always expressing itself, always searching for a way to connect, to be heard, to be understood.

As therapists, I think it is our job to help people find their own unique voice, to help them connect with their own innermost being and to express themselves in a way that is true to who they are. We are not trying to make people sing a particular way or to conform to a particular standard of beauty or harmony. Rather, we are trying to create a space in which people can explore their own depths and discover the unique melody that lies within them."