Find Your Therapy: A Practical Guide to Finding Quality Therapy
Find Your Therapy: A Practical Guide to Finding Quality Therapy

Free Find Your Therapy: A Practical Guide to Finding Quality Therapy



Feel overwhelmed by the thought of looking for a therapist or counselor? Confused with all the options and possibilities?

Many folks who could benefit tremendously from therapy struggle just to get started because the process can be so daunting:

—How do I know if a therapist is any good?
—How long will therapy take?
—How much will it cost?
—Should I see a psychologist or a psychiatrist?
—Is a counselor different from a therapist?
—What kind of therapy would be best for me?
—What about medication?
—Do I really even need therapy?
—Does going to therapy mean I’m broken or crazy?
—Are my problems really big enough to warrant being in therapy?

The truth is, therapy can be a life changing process, but finding a high quality therapist who’s a good fit for you and your specific needs is often a challenge.

The solution is to:

—Get really specific and clear about the most important factors that go into successful therapy; and
—Make a simple and reliable plan for finding and choosing a quality therapist.

And that’s exactly what Find Your Therapy will teach you do do.

You will learn:

—How to clarify both the struggles that are holding you back and your goals and aspirations for therapy.
—How to distinguish one type of therapist from another and choose one that best fits your needs.
—How to distinguish the different types or forms of therapy and choose one that’s most appropriate for you.
—How to judge whether a therapist is competent or not.
—How to weigh factors like experience, training, professional certifications, etc., so that you can make an informed decision about the best therapist for you.
—Where to find good therapy referrals.
—Where to look for therapists yourself.
—How to do research on the best therapists in your area and organize the information you collect.
—What to ask a therapist when you call them for the first time.
—What to expect at your first therapy session.
—How to interview your therapist effectively.
—How to pay for therapy.
—Answers to many of the most frequently asked questions about therapy.
—And much more!

Find Your Therapy is full of insider-tips and practical strategies to help you find a great therapist for you or someone you love.


PART I: Clarity 9
Chapter 1: Clarifying What’s Wrong 10
Chapter 2: Clarifying What You Want 21
Chapter 3: Types of Therapists 37
Chapter 4: Types of Therapy 54
Chapter 5: Paying for Therapy 73

PART II: Action 86
Chapter 6: Researching Therapists 87
Chapter 7: Calling a Therapist 104
Chapter 8: Interviewing a Therapist 114
Chapter 9: Choosing a Therapist 128

APPENDIX A: Therapy for Children 132
APPENDIX B: Therapist Red Flags 146
APPENDIX C: Maximizing Your Therapy 154


Find Your Therapy: A Practical Guide to Finding Quality Therapy

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