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“Nothing I read about grief seemed to exactly express the craziness of it, which was the interesting aspect of it to me—how really tenuous our sanity is.”

~ Joan Didion, author of The Year of Magical Thinking

"I don't think it's a matter of "dealing" with loss... it's more a matter of finding a way to absorb it. I don't know how to make sense of death -- I only know how to make sense of life. And the person you have lost to death had a life -- try to focus on that life, what it meant to you, what you learned from it, what lessons that person taught you. Use the person's life to create a living legacy." ~ David Baxter, PhD (2005)

"It is not uncommon for someone who has suffered a loss to feel guilty for laughing or having fun or enjoying anything ever again. Resist this feeling: remember that what you are trying to do is to honor the life of your loved one, not his or her death. When that person was alive, you shared laughter and joy and life – the legacy he or she left behind should surely include those memories and a determination to live the way he or she would want you to live. Celebrate life. Celebrate your life, and the life of your loved one, and the life you shared. That is, in the end, how we defeat death."

~ David Baxter, PhD, Grief and Bereavement in Accidental Death (2004)

"I think the key is to be kind to yourself." ~ Anne Fawcett


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