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Hi There!

I'd just like to let everyone know about our upcoming conference about Concurrent Disorders which will take place from May 28 - 30, 2007 in Vancouver, BC.

Here are the details.

The 15th Annual David Berman Memorial Concurrent Disorders Conference
May 28th ? 30th, 2007
Vancouver, BC

A person suffering from concurrent disorder has to fight both a mental illness as well as a substance use addiction. This conference will provide advanced training in concurrent disorders, including in-dept exploration of integrated treatment. Various concurrent disorder treatment topics will be explored including the treatment of early life developmental trauma, difficulties and barriers to treatment, and the use of Dialectical Behavior Therapy as treatment. In addition, workshops and concurrent breakout sessions further discuss the various methods of screening and treating patients, the impact on family, and ways to support patients. Fellow clinicians and specialists will share skills and information that will provide participants with the latest knowledge on resources and treatments against concurrent disorders.

For further information and a downloadable brochure please visit our website, or contact us at or (604) 822 ? 7524.

The Early Bird deadline for registration is April 21, 2007.

Please feel free to post questions and concerns about the conference in this thread!!!

Thanks and hope to see everyone there~
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