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"48 Hours": Jeremy Perkins tragedy
By Treatment Advocacy Center

Tomorrow night, 48 Hours will investigate the case of Jeremy Perkins, a young man with untreated paranoid schizophrenia who stabbed his mother to death.

In his statement to police , Jeremy said ?She was screaming no, don't, Jeremy no don't. I stabbed her about 4-5 times before she fell down...?

He then stabbed her more than 70 additional times.

Jeremy was being ?treated? with vitamins, not antipsychotic medication ? 48 Hours will investigate the role in her death of the family?s strong belief in Scientology, thus disbelief in psychiatry and mental illnesses.

As you watch this case study, remember that the problem is far greater. Scientologists are not the only group that is trying to displace psychiatry in the treatment of severe mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. Every day, people across the country like Jeremy are kept from getting the real treatment they need by weak and outdated federal and state laws and policies. We are all to blame for many similar horrible deaths ? whatever the reason ? every time someone with a severe mental illness can?t get treatment. The Treatment Advocacy Center is a national nonprofit dedicated to removing barriers to treatment of severe mental illnesses.


I saw that show, and it was tragic. What a waste. It seemed to me that the more the blonde woman representing Scientology talked, the more she was trying to convince (herself) that it was true.:hmm:

It's such a preventible situation, and my heart goes out to Jeremy and his family. How awful.:mad:

David Baxter PhD

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I didn't see the show but it is indeed a tragedy. Scientology was founded on a bet as a joke by a third-rate science fiction writer who vowed that people were dumb enough to follow any charismatic leader and that he could start his own religion and have people take him seriously. Unfortunately, he was correct.
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