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This was shared with me last week, so I thought I would pass it on. If you cant think of 5 that is ok, go for 3 or even 1 thing that made you smile. :)

Things that have made me smile today/yesterday.

It is sunny today
Reading your posts
Thinking of my trip into the city today
The book I read this morning


Things that have made me smile:

The warm weather (finally a chinook!)
Watching my puppy play - he is SO darn funny!
My very warm bed (it's heated and I love it - it's my own little "island")
Eating turkey dinner last night
Looking forward to an upcoming seminar in Vancouver with a speaker I greatly admire


Things that made me smile today:

1. Went to see the new movie Step Up 2 - The Streets
2. Went for dinner with a friend.
3. Got to sleep in today as it was a holiday.
4. Got out of going for a family dinner.
5. Put on a new pair of fuzzy socks (black&red)


The funny video my cousin sent me
Joking around with my girlfriend
my dogs doing funny things
I've got some time off
Warm weather


My sons wanting to stay at my house this week (as opposed to going to my ex's).

I spent a lot of time with them this past week.

My tax return came in a few weeks ago and it was a HUGE help.

My parents are moving to Charleston soon, and I can live with them then.

I like my new job.


- Wake up in the 'new day' knowing I have done my last day goals and now ready for this day goals.
- Excited of knowing my strengths and that I have been walk in the right path.
- Having a nice glass of ginger tea.
- Those gamers at mIRC are freaking funny.


Watching my cat try and bite my dogs tail

Going out with friends to a tupperware party

Laughing my head off in exercise class yesterday

Feeling the warmth of the sun again

Having a good nights sleep


-knowing I had made most of my goals.
-utopian gamers makes me laugh again.
-my stupidity of not knowing date 30 is not exist and I'm fooled with it.
-able to stop a racist fight on chat with spamming theories of 'why we hate' that I summed from here.
-delicious 'kwetiau goreng' I just eat last night.
-it's 1 march soon, pay day! hehehe..
-talk much serious talks with some utopians at chat including arguing of being single.


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The support and friendship of all of you - you rock!! :thankyou2:

The 'just rained' smell even though its cloudy.

The smile of a stranger who walked passed me this morning on the way to the library.

Knowing that I am where I am suppose to be in this journey called life.

The little kids I have seen today.


My five things:

1. I chose not to overeat when I could have
2. I have many things in my life to make my life comforable
3. My dog is lying at my feet
4. There are colours and people and space and comfort in my life :)
5. To repeat myself, I have *space*, the most mportant thing for me



Hmm, let me take a stab at this.

1. My grandsons laughter
2. Knowing I'm going to be a grandmom again
3. Waking up each day
4. Enjoying my family
5. A sunrise and sunset, the beauty within them


momof5, you reminded me!

1. I'm going to be a first-time auntie to a *boy* on 1st March next year
2. I've just made a brand new friend of someone uncommonly gentle
3. With summer starting her next month, it hasn't got too hot yet - thank goodness!
4. I am able to do some housework
5. I am rested.


Congrats on becoming an Aunt!! You'll love it. I'm actually a great aunt now and love that as well, lol.

children are the lights of our lives, and the blessings that we need each day.

To me, they are Gods gift to us, and a sign that life will continue on.


We'll have to get them emailing each other as soon as they are old enough!
A quick 5 things:

1. I did houswork which was important to me
2. I organized myself.
3. I'm tired (having stayed up all night) so will sleep easily
4. My bed is warm and cosy
5. My dog is sleeping soundly

For now,
Take care,
1. my garden robin hopping about on the window sill , waiting for his breakfast .
2. my water meter
3. reading the gratitude article
4. friendship
5. Daniel's bird picture.
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