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I was trying to help my friend with a problem and I got into a really big argument with him. He feels that one of his friends are hurting him and I was trying to help him out the best I can. I was trying to show some friendly love to him and he turned me saying "I love you" into an attempt to hit on him. I ended up leaving that argument hurt and crying just because he felt I wanted sex with him.



I am sorry to hear that you got into an argument with your friend. I am assuming that this is one of your friends that you told that you are bi and now they confusing your care and concern as a friend for an attempt at an intimate relationship. I wonder if before the argument ended you had a chance to explain to him that this was not your intention when you said "I love you" but your intention was more out of care and concern for him as your friend. If yes, how did he respond to this?


There are as many kinds of love as there are levels of relationships. It sometimes takes awhile for, especially, young people to learn this. We love our friends one way, our pets another way, our parents still another way, and our intimate partners in yet a different way. Yet, it's still love we feel. It's a real shame that the expression of that valued emotion must always be taken in its sexual connotation, and I'm sorry you were hurt by this oft-made mistake, ST. Hopefully, when your friend has a chance to think about it, he'll realize his error. :hug:
I told him that I was trying to show care for him. I even told him that it's cool he has a girlfriend too but he still thought I was trying to hit on him. Then he said I was only helping him out to cause him pain. He feels his friend does nothing except bulling his friends around and I told him he should just forget about him. Not only am I a person he thinks I want sex with both a person that is only saying to forget about that “friend” because I want him to cry and get hurt. I agree with TL that love should be able to be said and expressed without people thinking of sex.
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