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About-Face promotes positive self-esteem in girls and women of all ages, sizes, races and backgrounds through a spirited approach to media education, outreach and activism.

  • To encourage a healthy skepticism about media images and the messages of popular culture
  • To empower young people to feel confident about their individuality, their abilities and their bodies
  • To encourage individuals to identify and give voice to their opinions
  • To educate parents to empower their daughters and enlighten their sons
  • To identify companies that show women in unrealistic, distorted or vulnerable poses and hold them responsible for their negative imagery
  • To endorse companies that promote diverse and healthy images
  • To educate on subjects of sexism, lookism and the obsession with weight in our culture
  • To create alternative images through posters and art installations
  • To educate through lectures and special programs in schools
  • To use playful and original ideas to generate cultural change
  • To promote appreciation of diversity and gender equality in schools
  • To provide a forum for discourse and serve as a resource to researchers, educators and policy makers as well as popular media and cultural trendsetters.


Hi Everyone,
I really admire the mission and goals of this organization. It is really doing an about face movement that is positive for our youth, also for real women in the world today!!
Thanks glad you all enjoy this site! :)
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