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David Baxter

Mar 26, 2004
New help for mental health patients online
Newham Recorder
12 December 2008

A UNIQUE new website which has been developed by and for mental health patients in East London has gone live.

The Recorder reported in October that site was being developed. Called Florid, it aims to provide a one-stop place for easy-to-understand mental health information.

The website co-ordinator Beth Ford, said: "This website is different visually from any other site and presents information is a very simple way.

"And what is really exciting is that this is a website that allows people to talk and share information freely and as time goes by it will get better and better as people become involved and advise us on what they want to see on it.

"Florid will help play a key role in providing support, knowledge and space to share and be with others who understand what mental health is all about."

The website contains a comprehensive directory of statutory and voluntary mental health services, an accessible directory of medications, and a blog/forum for patients to talk to each other, get support and share information and ideas.

Carers and parents can also find information about services in their areas. The site will invite professionals to be guest speakers on the chat room to enable an interactive discussion between professionals and service users.

Florid has also provided work for mental health patients who have been trained in information technology skills, the running of a website, and web moderating. The site is at www.florid.org.uk.

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