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This is written for therapists but applies to anyone dealing with their own depression or the depression of a loved one:

Helping Your Clients with Depression Get Mobilized :acrobat:

(by the authors of the self-help book Thoughts & Feelings: Taking Control of Your Moods and Your Life, 5th Edition)

...If your client has been depressed for a while, they may have a hard time coming up with ideas, so we’ve provided lists of common pleasure and mastery activities for inspiration, as well as an exercise to help your client reconnect with the activities that will help them practice their key values and intentions. You can also encourage your client to get more specific ideas by consulting their friends or family members.


...You can also remind your client that when they’re having a hard time enjoying or even being interested in many of the things you’ve enjoyed in the past—when these things seem like hassles or burdens—this is due to depression. And they’ll likely find that when they begin adding activities—even if they don’t feel like doing them at first—it’ll help improve their mood; they’ll feel better.

Now, here are mastery activities you might suggest your client try. Often these are self-care activities that they may have neglected. They may need to shop for groceries, run errands, clean or straighten up around the house, write letters, or make important calls. When you’re depressed and immobilized, even these normal daily tasks can seem impossibly hard. But with a clear plan in the Weekly Activity Schedule, and your encouragement, your clients can do these things.



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