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The Alberta Council of Women's Shelters

The vision statement of ACWS is: We believe in a world free from violence and abuse.

Our mission statement is: The Alberta Council of Women?s Shelters is a province-wide, voluntary organization supporting women?s shelters and their partners through education, research and services for the benefit of abused women and their children.

We believe:
? In empowerment for women and equal worth of all persons.
? In strength of numbers together for a common mission.
? That the issues of violence and abuse are the responsibilities of the entire community including legal, social and political structures.

The areas of concern for ACWS are:
? Issues of family violence
? Breaking the cycle of inter-generational violence

The focus of ACWS is: Abused women and their families

To work towards our vision, mission, and beliefs ACWS:
? serves as the collective unified voice of member organizations
? fosters networking and information sharing
? assists in acquiring adequate resources for member shelters and ACWS
? influences public policy and systems
? increases public awareness of issues related to family violence
? fosters professional development within Alberta's sheltering movement
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