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My mom is 68 and very cute!(she doesnt know I am posting this!) I know that as seniors get older, the get this lump under their chin, and I call it a "waddle!" I used to watch that show, Ally Mcbeal, and the blond guy on the legal clientelle would go bugeyed looking at "Judge Whippers" waddle!

I like to swing her "waddle" around, tickle it, look at it upside down, fling it around, all over the place, etc.

I also remember watching on Good Morning America a young woman interviewed a senior citizen woman whose "waddle" was so long, that she had to get plastic surgery! The interviewer said that when the senior lady turned her head, her "waddle" would knock them out clean unconscious!

I am very distracted by double or triple "waddles" under peoples chins!

My doctor says that this is definitely an OCD symptom. Anyone else for swinging waddles around? I cant resist, one flip and I am flopped out!
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