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hello it's me again ..
Well here it is I have been anorexic for about 4 years but sometimes have long passes of bulimia. Last year I was hospitalised cause my potassium rates were under the usual and the doctors were concerned for my health .. but during the time I was in the hospital the kids protection services were signaled by someone that worried for me also but thought I was a danger to myself my health so ever since then they have not let me be they know everythign about me down to my school notes ad the days I eat and the days I don't they take blood test every week and well lets just say for a 17 year old gilr that is somewhat an invasion of privacy isn't it my choice if i want to live like this or not they won't let me do my own mistakes ause they are scared that I am not strong enough moraly to take it... They even asked if I was suicidal wich is sort of insulting for me cause I was down that path more than once and have not been there for a long time.. They say they care for me and want whats best but they don't realise that the more they try to control my life the more i try to control sometimes I starve myself to prove to them that they will not wim that I am not going to do what they tel me to do i do not want them to get the credit if I ever get better wich I am starting to dought but believ that if I control a bit better i will be able to live a normal life with this eating disoreder.. Am i not old enough to live without babysitters ??
yurs trulyl
ashley kate
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