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Just curious as my last therapy appointment my therapist told me he wanted me on some kind of anxiety med again. The problem is last time i was prescribed ativan i got out of control with it and ended up in the hospital. It gives me like a "high from illegal drugs" and i have the urge to take way more than what i am supposed to. Are there anxiety meds that possibly wont give me that high but still work when i start getting very panicky during a moment? I know there are slow acting ones you need to take over time but i dont think that would be very helpful to me.

My sister(who is like a credit shy from masters in social work) told me they would probably trust me again to take ativan as long as i wasnt asking for a bunch at a time. The problem is i dont know if i trust me? The high i get from them make it very tempting to abuse and while i see the mistake of my past i dont know if my brain will eventually think well less than what put me in the hospital but more than prescribed could be fun.

Im currently also smoking some marijauna and that seems to help the anxiety quite a bit but my therapist and drug doctor are constantly nagging me to stop :) So if i did stop i would definately need some kind of anxiety med but if i sit and abuse it whats the difference between abusing the illegal or legal drug? None that i can tell. I just need to find something that doesnt give me the high but can be fast acting. Doubt that exists huh?

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The difference is that cannabis messes with your neurochemistry in a way that may very likely aggravate the problem.

One way to moderate your use of a tranquilizer (or any medication for that matter) is to ask someone else to hold it for you... e.g., your girlfriend or sister or mother could take the bottle with her and carry it in her purse or stash it somewhere so that you would need to ask her for the bottle in order to get another one... or you could use one of those "day of the week" pill containers so there wouldn't be any more than 7 at a time maximum...


Haha ive actually gone about three days without smoking pot and i am feeling better but next time i smoke im gonna try to be aware of how i feel for the next couple days so i can prove in my head if they are correct that it does affect the brain and how well the meds im taking work. Im really hoping they are wrong tho as its some of the few times i can really act goofy and have fun without being self conscience.

Thats an awesome idea. Ive had people tell me before i should give them to someone else and it would humble me or whichever to have to ask but the girlfriend works like 50+ hours a week and so she could be gone when i need one bad. The 7 in the pill container thing sounds like it would work. I could put 7 in there and then when she wakes up before me she could put the rest away(not hide else id have to search for it haha semantics i know).
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