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I take Ativan as needed, but it seems like the next day I have MORE anxiety than usual. When I was in the hospital they gave it to me daily three times a day spaced evenly, .5 mg. I am trying to stay off the internet looking for information and I don't see my doctor until the end of the month. I want to use this drug the right way. Is it ok to take Ativan long term? I've been on it since last April.

I am doing things, coping skills, to deal with the anxiety, but sometimes it is so great I need something just to take the edge off. :( I don't know if this makes any sense at all. I am scared of abusing it and scared of not having it at the same time.

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The simplest and best answer is to follow the directions your doctor specified when s/he wrote the prescription, i.e., those written on the bottle.

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Is there not a maxium specified? For example, "1 to 3 tablets per day as needed"... that would be the standard way to write such a prescription.

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You need it when you're experiencing high anxiety. And when you're experiencing anxiety, you are to take it up to 3 times per day or until the anxiety diminishes to nromal or manageable levels.


Is it ok to take Ativan long term? I've been on it since last April.

At the dose your doctor has prescribed this medication and used as directed, this medication can be used as long as your doctor finds it to be helpful for you.

Ativan is a safe minor tranquilizer that does not interact with other medications and is eliminated from your system overnight.

Your doctor has made a good choice for you.
The doctor I see now actually is not the doctor who prescribed it. It was the psychiatrist in the hospital, but my doctor now keeps refilling it for me.


Following this thread I did not realize that Ativan is the same as Lorazepam and for me it was also originally prescribed by a previous doctor which makes it even more confusing. The original prescription was 3 times daily as needed but the present bottle says take one tablet at bedtime (1mg) but my present doctor has said verbally to take as needed. I actually did not think too much about it until reading this thread but I will talk with my doctor about it next visit. No maximum specified on mine but I am not sure getting anxious about anxiety medication is helpful.
I know it isn't relevant, but I am considering switching doctors and am a little anxious whether the new lady I'd be seeing, who is a nurse practitioner, would be willing to prescribe the Ativan for me again. Something I need to discuss with her I guess.

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Also, the doctor I see now admittedly doesn't know much about psychiatric drugs. She just kind of goes along with whatever the hospital did or I think she might discuss the drugs with a pharmacist so I don't necessarily know if she really understands what to prescribe or if it is ok to keep refilling the Ativan.


the doctor I see now admittedly doesn't know much about psychiatric drugs.

I think it is safe to say that just about every doctor on this planet is familiar with medications like Ativan. These meds have been around for thirty years or more and is one of the most prescribed.

If you find it gives you relief from your anxiety, then you need to tell that to the doctor, and ask for the prescription to be renewed.

In other words, you need to work in partnership with your doctor, advocate for yourself, and be prepared to explain what works and what doesn't work for you.

Of course, none of that would be necessary if your doctor happens to be a mind reader...:)
Well, I'm just going by her words. Although I think it may be more of a reluctance to prescribe this type of drug than not knowing anything about it. She's told me she's uncomfortable with it. A couple of years ago my therapist asked her to prescribe something and that's when I started taking klonopin which I ended up overdosing on. She's said she doesn't like prescribing it. Which is different from not knowing much about it I guess. Although she has admitted to not knowing which combinations of psych drugs to prescribe together. I think she does a lot of research about it. But I feel really uncomfortable with her now so I don't even want to see her anymore. :(

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I do advocate for myself. That is why I have been on SO many combinations and different drugs. I tell them what doesn't seem to be working.

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I have been on so many the psychiatrist I saw in November for a one time consult said the only thing he would recommend is ECT because I've been on so many different drugs and combinations. :(
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