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Hey everyone,
I am not new here I just had to set up a new account w/ a new old user name was I'm kelseym...just want to let y'all know...thanks

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Re: back with a new name

Hi, kels. I've merged this account with your old one so now all your old posts will be tagged as kelseym.

If you would prefer "kels", I can change that for you too without affecting your current passwords, etc.
thanks Dr. Baxter for changing my old threads...
yes I did start college...the adjustment has been difficult for me...I was never a shy person but all of a sudden I find it hard to talk to new people so making friends has been hard too...but classes don't start to monday so I have little stress as of now...thanks for all your replies


Hi and welcome back :) It might be a little late, but you might want to check out the Just Chat Board for some Birthday wishes for you!
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Good to see you back Kels. :) I hope your first day of classes went alright. When you get a minute, I'd like to hear how you're doing.

Take care,

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