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I have a quite unusual experience. I started having trouble with my eyes (blind spots) and they found it to be something called Central Serous Retinopathy. Oddly enough, the cause of this disease is not known, other than people who usually get it are young men with 'Type A Personalities'. I was prescribed something called Labetalol (which is something that they use to treat heart patients and people with CSR). Within a few days, my everyday edginess and paranoia decreased dramatically - With the Beta Blockers, the anxiety just melted away. On a side note, my vision has returned to normal.

Have there been any studies for using beta blockers to treat OCD?

David Baxter PhD

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I have had a couple of clients who were prescribed beta blockers for panic disorder or generalized anxiety disorder. I presume that basically it acts to dampen the reactivity of the autonomic nervous system so the exaggerated "flight-fight reaction" that characterizes certain anxiety disorders becomes more "normal".
I've found that, definitely. Its like if I was in the middle of a bank robbery I'd be like 'Hang on masked villen, I just need to get my wallet.' Im not taking them anymore but the anxiety has gone all the same. I guess it would have made some 'cognitive' changes as well because I learnt that things werent as 'scary' anymore.
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