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My psych says I have borh...does it relates to one another and dwaht is the difference? I get manic phases, severe depression phases, het psycotic, have a borderline personality and sufer sounds i'm stone crazy, but belief it or not, i'm more stable than normal people for the last 2 yrs on my meds. I take Lamictil and Zyprexa and it does wonders. I got intensive therapy cuase I disociated a lot also because of a horrible traumatic past which was revealed under hypnosis. I blocked it all out before this. I get very tired, coz everyday is a constant effort to have a positve mind frame, but the coping skill I've learned worksI'm manager of a laboratory and it takes a lot of energy to function "normal". It's getting real bad to me though, i'm getting more tired by the day, but I think I need a proper holiday...didn't have one in 3 yrs!

I'm just a little confused of what my main diagnosis is, coz every psychiatrist says something else. One says I'm bipolar I, the other I'm bipolar II and temporal lobe epilepsy is seperate, while another says that my bipolar is secondary to the epilepsy. I know it sounds confusing, but belief me...I am confused about this. They say I had manic phases...I don't even know what it is! I know I get euphoric stages of hapiness and plunge into a depro in seconds, but that is under control a lot...I can control it myself since i'm under the right treatment.

Sorry for the long

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