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I was recently (9 months ago) diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder following a severe bout of depression that nearly drove me to suicide. I have also experienced a manic state that culminated in some anti-social behaviour that put me at high risk (fighting). I am sure like many the manic state left me feeling fantastic but once it passed it becomes clear that it needs to be managed. I am currently under psychiatric treatment which is pharmacologic and involves lamotrigine and topiramate. Today I am almost functioning at full level although I do have a lack of concentration and often awake in a lethargic state which feels like a hangover.

I never want to feel that out of control on either the depressed or manic side. I have opted to not return to my old job which was a senior executive position as I feel that the stress of the position combined with the demands and long hours were a major contributor to the bipolar episodes although the single event of a marital breakup triggered the depression. I am trying to understand the link of stress to bipolar disorder and any scientific or research material that might support stress management with treatment for bipolar disorder can anyone help me out.

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There are several articles addressing this issue here, wilkie:

Life Events and Bipolar Disorder
In addition to understanding the mechanism linking stress and disorder, ... Here's how bipolar disorder can result in family tensions and how to reduce ...

Stress may link bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
researchers in the past few years have found a number of genetic and molecular common denominators between schizophrenics, who have delusions, and patients ...

Bipolar Disorder: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment
When an individual is predisposed to bipolar disorder, an episode can be triggered by:. a major life event,; major stress,; chronic illness, ...

Stress and Bipolar Disorder, October 29, 2004 Press Release ...
An errant enzyme linked to bipolar disorder, in the brain’s prefrontal cortex, impairs cognition under stress, an animal study shows. The disturbed thinking ...

Bipolar II, Mood Swings without Mania; Brain Tours; Stress and ...*
Bipolar II is a version of Bipolar Disorder: depression is obvious but mild phases of high energy ("hypomania"), which can just look like anxiety and ...
Psych Education

What Causes Bipolar Disorder?
When we look for the cause of bipolar disorder, the best explanation via the research available at this time is what is termed the "Diathesis-Stress Model. ...
Theories About the Causes of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder Self Care
Bipolar Disorder information on how to take care of yourself. ... Managing your stress is extremely important as stress can easily trigger "an episode. ...

Psychology Today: Managing Bipolar Disorder
Today the average age of onset of bipolar disorder is 19. It's not clear whether there is a rising ... "Stress definitely worsens the disorder," says Stoll. ...
A Case of Catch-22

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been looking at some of those links,,
so far i have found this one, {website removed-no longer exists} very good, easy to understand, in laymans terms, my language so to speak. and that was only the F.A.Q's!!! lol

thanks for posting them David.
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It appears that these 2 links no longer direct to the actual sites. Both go to pages that have only links on them to other sites or sites that want to sell stuff.


Thank-you Always Changing! Your right they were websites no longer in use. I removed the 2 links from the article and your post so no one clicks on them there. :2thumbs:
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