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British Columbia Information for Persons with Disabilities

  • Employment Program for Persons with Disabilities
  • Disability Assistance
  • How to Apply for Disability Assistance
  • Disability Assistance Rate Table
  • Disability Assistance and Trusts
  • Employment Strategy for Persons with Disabilities
  • Minister's Council on Persons with Disabilities
  • WorkAble Solutions Initiative
  • An Employment Resource for Persons with Disabilities
  • Other Disability Related Information
Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction
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Hey David, we're on the same wave-length here :) It's this kind of practical information that is so hard to find on your own if you don't know where or how to search. Great idea to post links to info for DB (disability) in the different Provinces. Finding out the requirements and processes before approaching the systems is really helpful too ... it's scarey to walk into an office and know zip about it, or what info to give or questions to ask. This all helps big time ...
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