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Bullying stops here!
By Isabella Mori
Wed, Feb 27 2008

Today is international stand up to bullying day. Students and lots of other people all across canada and the world wear pink to mark the day.

Last year, two students in Nova Scotia (Canada?s east coast) donned and distributed pink shirts after a classmate fell victim to homophobic bullying for wearing pink to school.

This became the driving force for teachers across the country to renew a call to end bullying.

?The kids that come forward are not very good victims any more because they?re standing up for themselves, trying to get things changed, they tend not to be victimized anymore.?

The term ?bullying? is most often used at school but let?s not forget that it can apply in other situations as well ? at work, in the boardroom, at sports activities, in volunteer situations, here on the internet, in hospitals, etc.

Have you ever been bullied? Have have you ever stood up to a bully?
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