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I know a guy who has schizoid personality disorder. I dont think he knows he has it. He is not in therapy. He's an adult who is unemployed and living with his parents and doesnt seem to be doing much to change that scenario. He's a fairly typical example. He has a coupla friends he sees once in a long while, and then theres me, were friends.

Anyway I wanna know if theres any hope of having a happy romantic relationship with such a person?

I also wanna know, with such a person, how likely is a successful recovery? Should I tell him that I think he has the disorder? Would it make any difference?


First of all has he been diagnosed by a mental health professional as having Schizoid Personality Disorder or is that just what you are thinking that he has based on what you have read?

If he is not in therapy and has not been properly diagnosed by a mental health professional then I think it is going to be very hard to determine whether a happy romantic relationship with this person is forseeable for the future.
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