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When returning to Psychlinks after you've checked out the various message sections, you will probably want to know what's new since your last visit.

The way to see the posts since your last visit is to click on the link at the top of the Forum page titled New Posts.

However here's a tip to make that process even easier:

Create a new shortcut using this URL address:

and use that shortcut to enter the Psychlinks.

Be sure that when you login, to check "Remember Me" so you get right into the Forum and the new posts will be displayed.


I finally figured out to set my edit preferences because under user CP so I could use bold etc. There is even a spell check! I guess the timer for editing posts is set because I don't have an option there but did just after posting.

It seems I've lost my avatar and it would not allow me to upload a revised version at 80x77 pixels.

I like the new software and it loads much faster.


David Baxter PhD

Late Founder

You should be able to upload an avatar up to 80 x 80 pixels, unless you exceed the filesize... can you tell me how large the file is?

Never mind: I uploaded the version from the old forum for you.


Thank you Dr Baxter!

For your reference, the image was 80 x 77 pixels and 18KB. The maximum is 19.5 KB so it should have loaded.

After reading my previous post looks like I could use and English checker too!

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