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Online Mental Health Checkup Expanded

Apr 20, 2007 04:30 AM

Check Up From the Neck Up, the campaign to let people take control of their mental health, is going Ontario-wide.

The checkup, private and self-administered online at, received almost 2 million hits by last fall, after organizers asked 300,000 people in the GTA to participate.

Advocate Margaret Trudeau and musician Amy Sky will speak at the campaign's formal launch May 2.

"Too many Ontarians suffer needlessly from mental illness or its stigma and the Mood Disorders Association is here to help Ontarians get the help they need," says Ontario Lieutenant Governor James K. Bartleman. As part of the Ontario wide-push, the Ontario Psychological Association has members willing to see people within two weeks and on a sliding payment scale or at cost during the campaign.

The majority of all health care professionals who responded to a survey after the project had heard of the campaign: 72.8 per cent of doctors, 100 per cent of psychologists and 84.6 per cent of other professionals in the GTA area. The majority of all health care professionals reported receiving campaign materials.

"We are determined to have a significant impact on the mental health of all Canadians, starting with those who live in Ontario," says Karen Liberman, executive director of the Mood Disorders Association.
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