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i am at a loss right now as to what to do about not being able to eat. whenever i am very stressed, worried, upset watever, i lose my appetite. right now i have no appetite whatsoever. food is actually disgusting to me, all food. and i normally love chocolate, even when i am this upset, and i cant even eat that. i force myself to eat, and usually it is an Ensure drink, or if i feel like i can, i'll eat something solid, usually a tigers milk bar or other kind of energy bar. or, if i feel like i can, i'll have some actual food, but usually only like a piece of bread, or a few crackers, i very rarely actually eat a meal. this has been going on for months now. i have been having problems off and on (depending on whats going on in my life) with my appetite since i was a kid.

but now i am getting older (26) and it is taking its toll, and since my life is currently getting worse and worse each year, my body is thus getting weaker and weaker, i feel so sick all the time.

i know myself very well, and i believe the loss of appetite is due to feelings of extreme lonliness, vulnerability, anxiety, and probably ptsd from losing a therapist.

i have tried some things to stimulate my appetite, including pepto bismal, other antacids, anti nausea meds, smoking marijuana, sometimes i try to take just one bite of something hoping it will stimulate something in my taste buds but right now my first reaction to having food in my mouth is spitting it out. when i swallow it, i have to force it down.

among other things, i also have insomnia. this is getting ridiculous. i cant eat and sleep. i feel like a failure.

does anyone know any other ways to stimulate the appetite? i am getting desperate, i have a horrible toothache right now and have to have some work done soon, im taking all these pills and the only way to keep them down is with food...i feel vulnerable to the unpredictable pain and the powerful pain meds i am supposed to take. and i cant be seen until the 3rd. maybe if i can eat a little more..i dont know what i should ask anymore, im so tired...


like you said, loss of appetite tends to come along w/ things like depression, anxiety, feeling lonely... that kind of thing. but it can also be a side effect from meds, from dental pain (you said your teeth hurt), or from an actual medical problem... so the 1st thing I would do is go talk to a physician and outline your symptoms and concerns to rule out any medical causes.

you're not a failure b/c you can't sleep or eat right. your body needs sleep and nutrition but you're not purposely trying to keep it from getting those... hence why you should get some help w/ this. do you have a therapist as well? s/he may be able to help w/ the depression aspect of things and know about the meds along w/ your physician (if you are on any).

I would try making your food more appealing... in any way you can, ie. w/ spices, colors, eating w/ friends.... try eating lots of snacks if it's diffiuclt to eat whole meals. here's some links, they have tons of suggestins (it's for cancer patients but the info is relevant to everyone else too):

When you have no appetite

What to do when nothing tastes right

Food Pyramid
- type in age, sex and it will give you approx. portions that are recommended for each food group, this will give you an idea where to start if you're totally lost

but I would def. make an appt. w/ your doctor, b/c you don't want this taking a toll on you more than it already has....
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