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can't find the therapy board so I'll just post this here..i was wondering, you now how everything that takes place (with a few exceptions) in therapy is does this work when your doctor is away and they leave a message on their voice mail saying to call doctor so and so in case of an emergency....does that mean doctor so and so knows about you to? I just wondered how that works.
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Re: confidentialty question

Hi Rosa, that is an interesting question.

I would think that the service that the doc has would be one that is totally trusted. Knowing the sensitivity of things that would be called in for an emergency.


Re: confidentialty question

Hi Rosa: over here the doc "on call" doesn't know anything but that's gp's. I can't imagine a therapist disclosing your info to another therapist unless you had given him permission to do so. in the case of emergency i would imagine that the therapist who is "on call" would do exactly the same as your own therapist, and that is listen, suggest and\or advise and maybe make a note for your usual therapist. a psychiatrist might if needed prescribe emergency meds.
that is what i would hope would happen if i had to have an emergency apt.

don't know if any of this is in any way helpful.

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nsa is correct.

Usually, any health care professional will have a trusted backup for when s/he's away. However, your file and information remains with your doctor or therapist, and the backup doctor will also be bound by the same rules of confidentiality.


what if you want them to know whats in your file cause it would be to stressfull and long to explain it all to the emergency dr


I'm pretty sure you can sign a release that will allow your doctor to share your file with another therapist.
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