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Hey everyone... here's some links to check out if you're wondering about how you'll get through the holiday seasons. If you have any other ideas or stories to share, please feel free to add them. (I think we should keep this a sticky at least until the holidays are over)

H unger means you eat when physically hungry instead of emotionally hungry.
Attitudes about your size has to with the size of your heart instead of the size of your body.
Parents accept and value you for who you are, not according to how you look.
Problems are resolved in ways other than stuffing your feelings with food.
You spend as much time and energy on helping others, as you do on how you look.

Happiness comes from within rather than from expectations of others.
Occasions for the holidays emphasize relating to others instead of emphasizing food.
Love of self means you deserve to treat yourself in the best humanly possible way.
Identity of self involves more than how you look.
Disapproval of self is changed to approval of who you are.
Acceptance of what one can not change includes your body features.
You treat yourself as you treat your best friend.
Society values you for being you without emphasis to your weight or size.

by: Sharon Sward, President of Eating Disorder Professionals of Colorado
Author of You Are More Than What You Weigh
Radio Talk Show Host on self-esteem, weight, and eating disorders
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