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So once again I had to watch oprahno im not a big fan or her. anyways the show was about people who did crystle meth. The people who did this drug were regular average joes soccer moms, I don't know much about drugs so I was so supprised how crstyle meth can become so addictive just from doing once.. It was very interesting.


TLC.. "you learn something new everyday"........ is a saying i use a bit.. some programme contents can be very educational... i like the discovery channel for that reason..

sometimes i realise that i'm really when something comes on and its so simple but i didn't know about "whatever". and then i think of this saying and it helps abit.. kinda.

i know nothing about drugs.. (cept they are on sale every where, where i live).and what i learn off the box.(the t.v) and now i know that a person can get hooked on crystal meth just by using it once. wow!! really dangerous drug... now here's my Question is that stuff like heroin?? do u know.. heroin addiction is on the up here in irl. (may not have spelt that right)
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