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Be Yourself: Crystal Preston Edition
Little Voice
August 19, 2015

Today?s edition of the Be Yourself Blog features another local Ottawa woman who has proved that believing in yourself can help you overcome any obstacle


Despite the challenges of being born with Muscular Dystrophy the catering service Sweet Ambrosia Ottawa, was founded by Crystal Preston in January 2015.

The mission of the business is to provide unique quality products using fresh and natural ingredients in convenient and easy to prepare format for the busy consumer. It is the objective of the business venture to encourage and support people with disabilities to reach their potential. After a trip to a local chocolate shop for inspiration, she decided to create gingerbread fudge sauce, which became popular among friends and family. The business now offers 6 unique flavors of fudge sauce, along with cheesecake, chili/fajita rolls and cheese dip. Sweet Ambrosia Ottawa is constantly evolving and will soon offer wedding favors. All products are modified to meet the needs of people with special health requirements, as customer service is number one priority. Her challenges have included fluctuating energy levels, limited funds & transportation, securing a kitchen facility, legal & health regulations, and being respected by financial institutions. Yet she has managed to conquer all obstacles and her resourcefulness has helped her to connect with influential mentors in the industry.

It is not without effort, determination and great community support that she has achieved such success and the future is open to those who believe in their dreams.

1. What inspired you to start your own business?
As a girl I always had the entrepreneurial drive. I?ve always been extremely independent and disciplined. I?ve always wanted to earn my own accomplishments. I wasn?t given much chance to live a long healthy life and so I wanted to make it count.

2. What has been the biggest challenge?
Lack of funds, energy, and transportation would have to be the biggest challenges in building a business from scratch. It takes a lot of dedication and fortitude. You have to have a passion for it.

3. How did you inspire yourself to keep going?
I?m simply afraid of not taking chances. Many people exist but they never really live. I want to serve a purpose and be remembered. My grandmother had always believed in me and her spirit keeps me going. Experience builds character.

4. What does listening to your "little voice" mean to you?
Everyone has a little voice inside of them that tells them they are unable to do something?.and a little voice that says they are capable of anything. I choose to listen to the latter voice more often than not.

5. What advice would you give to inspire others to chase their dream?
I encourage people to set goals every day. Success can be achieved one step at a time if you believe in yourself. If you don?t have a plan, you become part of somebody else?s plan. Time is a gift and if you wish to get noticed you must set the world on fire.

If you would like to learn more Sweet Ambrosia Ottawa, or to place an order, visit her Facebook page at or



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Truly inspiring story. This woman's spirit is contiguously strong. She is the living proof that people can be happy despite physical or mental challenges.
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