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I'am still struggling with my weight which I am not caring about anymore. I love being extreamly small, but anyway all the stress, the non stop anxiety, and the explosive anger I carrie around with me is enterfering with my life. Everytime Im stressed, angery, and or have anxiey or both Immediately restort to my object. And when I cut myself all of my anger and anxiety go away. But it seems like its a continuos cycle. Oh, well Im tired and im going to bed. see ya
I find that when I'm run-down from not eating and not taking care of myself it makes my anxiety and depression and self-destructiveness worse, or it seems to.

I know it's hard for you to talk to your doctors, but you really need to discuss all of this with them.

Hurting yourself doesn't really help at all. It just makes things worse really. I find this to be true for myself. I know it's very hard to stop though. That's where your doctors can help you.
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