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I first joined this group about 3 weeks ago and I really found a place to share and find ways to cope.

I've posted and exchanged information that permitted to go way back in my life and see a pattern.

After consulting my psyc..I have a combination of Tourette's, ADHD and cyclothymia... So I'm on Epival & Effexor as he said that Epival was better in my case due to the pattern of mood swing. Also I'm on Stratera. I tried Ritalin and the effect was immediate but the tics went wild.

After 3 months, my concentration is much better, moods are more stable but the depression is still severe. In the past now knowing what I had, talk therapy was very effective so I'm waiting for a call.


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Re: cyclothemia +++

I am glad there is improvement and that you find this forum helpful. I am glad your among us, as I also find your posts helpful. Thanks for being a part of this.


It's great to know you're finding a sense of comraderie, and a place to learn and share here, Vinton. It really is a wonderful community of supportive and caring people.

Hopefully, once you get started with therapy for your depression, you'll find the coping mechanisms you need to put those bad feelings behind you. It's always difficult to deal with co-existing illnesses, but where there's the will to work at it, there's bound to be improvement. Sounds like you've got the will. All you need now is the way. :)
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